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Textilestock.in focuses on helping suppliers and manufacturers get rid of export quality stock surplus. Overstocking can occur due to many reasons – cancelled orders, overproduction, buyer bankruptcy, stock surplus etc. Apart from the manufacturing costs, these stocks add to the suppliers problems through storage issues. High costs of warehousing on produced stock can be a curse on any supplier’s pocket. Textilestock helps suppliers sell their stock to a much wider international market through the world wide web through its updated database of buyers, user friendly interface and search engine optimization. Supplier’s stock is marketed in an efficient manner to the right customers . In this way, we turn liabilities into profits. We do not charge anything for our services.
More than 500 transaction with www.textilestock.in  have helped many vendors sell their goods at a competitive price. 
Why us?
The  Indian textile industry has neglected the power of the World Wide Web in generating B2B leads (specifically in general stock of textile products such as natural and synthetic fiber yarn, grey fabric, processed fabrics, home/kitchen/bath textiles, furnishing fabrics, industrial textiles and garments) for global trade of textile products. Textilestock.in attempts to explore a new world of opportunities which can be leveraged by storing, organizing, distributing and publishing information about stock lot of textiles in India using the web as a communicative, interactive and trading platform. The website will serve as a detailed database of readily available (stock lots) goods of textiles in general.
The textilestock.in Advantages:
• Free Registration!  
• Find International Buyers for your stock instantly – one click away
• A Cheap and Efficient way of Marketing and Selling your stock.
• Make your Surplus Stock Earn – Register on Textilestock.in Now!
• Give your products high visibility on the Internet – An international market right from your office.
• Our services are free, we help you get rid of your goods at a competitive price, no hidden cost
• Pan India presence
The power of web, at your disposal:
• Optimized usage of the power of the web
• High Internet Visibility for your products.
• A huge international market at your doorstep. For FREE!
• While you focus on manufacturing, we focus on selling your stock.
• Access to worldwide retailers, wholesalers and importers.
• Saves Time. Saves Money. 
We have been able to help more than 100+ suppliers in our journey so far and have moved goods worth more than $2 million. That’s $2 million of cash trapped in stocklots with various vendors which we have been able to unlock and sell it to buyers who value this stocklot.
Textilestock.in is the only exporter of Textile stock from India which covers all the product ranges in textile industry. We are truly dedicated to market textile stock online & offline 24X7 and can help you as well.
We consolidate and market the textile stock available with big and small suppliers in India. We can help you get rid of your stock at a competitive price by providing visibility and exposure to the textile stock online.
This will help you lower your inventory cost and unlock the cash struck in your stock. Textilestock.in provides an ideal platform to every supplier/stockist who has any textile stock. We are looking for any export quality Stock lot, Run over, Overstock, Over produced, run-of-the-mill, assortment goods, garments stock lot, reserve, stockpile, stock surplus for any textile product you have.
If you cannot find a category in which your product fits, contact us and we will create a new category for it. Please sign up here....
If you have export quality Stock lot, Run over stock, Overstock, Over produced, run-of-the-mill, assortment goods, garments stock lot, reserve, stockpile, stock surplus for any textile product/products please sign up here.... We would appreciate if you can provide correct information to us for mutual benefit. Please sign up here....