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Wednesday, 8 September 2021

Top 10 apparel exporting countries to USA – July ’21

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July ’21 apparel import data of USA says different story for different manufacturing destinations.

According to OTEXA, USA imported US $ 6.98 billion worth of apparels in July ’21, noting 17.60 per cent Y-o-Y surge.

The top 10 shippers’ tally consists of three countries – Vietnam, Cambodia, and Indonesia – that declined in their volume-wise apparel shipment to USA as compared to July ’20.

Notably, Vietnam is the second largest garment shipper to USA, while Cambodia and Indonesia are other major trade partners to USA. Therefore, failure in picking up export to the level of COVID-19 period, let alone the pre-COVID level, raises serious concerns for the exporters of these countries.

India, China, Bangladesh and Pakistan have grown their apparel shipments to USA significantly in July ’21, both in values and volumes.

India continued staying ahead of Indonesia for straight 7 months – all thanks to its strong performance in the USA market and the unexpected decline of Indonesia.

Three countries in close proximity of USA – Mexico, El Salvador, and Honduras – have stayed positive both in values and volumes and noted growth in double digits as compared to July ’20.

See table below to know how top 10 countries fared in US market during H1 ’21 –

Volume-wise Apparel Exports to USA from Top 10 Countries:
(Volume in million SME)

Source : https://in.apparelresources.com/